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Vitamin Injection and Weight Loss Program

FLORIDA RENU HORMONES AND WELLNESS not only offers intravenous hydration therapy but also IV vitamin infusion, particularly B12 and weight loss compounds such as MIC (Methionine, Inositol, and Choline), which are three major compounds that aids in burning fats. B12 has many purposes, such as supporting the healthy functions of nerve cells as well as increasing DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation. MIC on the other hand is another injectable, which is a close cousin to vitamin B12 but with more active chemical components.

We utilize the weight loss protocol invented in 1950 by a British doctor Albert Simeons, particularly using invasive medical means that targets fats to boost metabolism. The treatment can be altered and customized to fit each patient’s weight goals and needs.

How Does the Weight Loss Program Work?
After reviewing your weight loss goals and history, our health staff will be able to select the right protocol that suits you. The appropriate dosage is then injected into your abdomen area, releasing and targeting stored fats that would have been difficult to metabolize with exercise and diet alone. On average, weight loss reaches up to one pound a day. Other benefits include improved gut health, energy, sleep cycle, memory, and mental processing. Weight loss protocol, combined with an advanced medical weight loss system and technology, guarantees you effective means of reaching your weight goal!

How BHRT Can Help You Lose Weight
As we age, most of us slow down, lose interest and the motivation to exercise, while some just don’t respond well to exercise. However, you do not have to stay that way. Hormone optimization gives more energy and increases your sex drive to levels you had before. Your body will once again operate at its peak physical condition.

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